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  • October - 2015

    Founded Daffo Digital

    We have founded "Daffo Digital" with the vision to provide world class technoligical services at an affordable budget.

  • January - 2016

    Served our first client

    Our very first client is a Dental Clinic based out in Dubai and we succesfully designed , developed and delivered the project.

  • Febuarary - 2017

    Started Digital Marketing

    After a brief time in the industry we decided to expand our services and introduced SEO , Analytics and Social Media Services collectively known as Digital Marketing.

  • January - 2019

    Launched Business Consultation Services

    Started our consultation services for small business to enhance their business ability with world class softwares , tools & services.

  • October - 2020

    Launched Daffo Media & Blogs

    To focus on our content and advertisement vertical we started our own content platforms such Lifeposs, Incomeposs & Social media channels.

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Services we Offer

We serve all your needs and sometimes even more.

Daffo Digi-M

Digital Marketing

We help your business grow by giving them the digital push with our digital marketing plans & stratergies by perfectly optmizing for the search engines, social media channels and other promotional campaigns.

Daffo Media

Mediaworks & Blogs

We create content for the generation-X across various platforms and channels with focus on the universal demographics.

Daffo Web

Web Design & Developement

We have design & develope responsive websites with cutting edge tools & technologies. We have years of experience in building products for international markets across different verticals.

Daffo Consult

IT & Business Consultancy

We help businesses to start their journey in this competitive world with the help of our optimized consultation services to achieve goals and efficiency.

Daffo Digi-M

Digital Marketing Services

We serve all your needs and sometimes even more.


Search Engine Optimization

We help businesess to get visibility in search engines and to rank higher in search results which in return will help grow sales of the company.


Paid Advertising

We help businesses to advertise their pay per click campaigns with optimized ads and delivery fulfillments across various platforms and channels.

Social Media

Marketing & Optimization

We help businesses to built their social media presence and marketing stratergies to reach vivid array of global audience with highly optimized campaigns.

Content Marketing

Quality SEO Articles

We create great content for the consumers through webpages , blogs and other marketing platforms , which is highly engaging and optimized for serach engines.

E-Mail Marketing

Audience Outreach

We construct and deliver highly engaging email campaigns to deliver the business communication to the customers and to enhance the outreach of the company.

Marketing Analytics

Data & Analytics

We integrate the digital products with Analytics tools to undertsand the product performance and to provide deeper insights for the product enhancement.

Digital Marketing Portfolio

We handle SEO, Ad Campaigns , Social Media Marketing, Blogging as one digital marketing package

Palm Oil Analytics









Tak Interesting Food



Daffo Media

Content Platforms

Our content platforms for the next-gen digital consumers.

Blog for the Millenials with the focus on the following categories:

Home & Interiors
Gardening | Travel | Food & Receipes | Tech & Gadgets |
Jobs & Education |
Personal Finance

Social media channels for the next-gen content consumption.

Facebook Groups - Garden & Home
Facebook Pages - Lifeposs etc
Instagram Business - Gardenposs
Travelposs, Homeposs etc
Pinterest pages - Lifeposs etc

Producing video content for the Youtube & web

Channel: Lifeposs
This Channel focuses on the lifestyle and beyond. Part of
Channel: Explore
Explanatory Journalism & beyond.

Daffo Web

Website Design & Development

We design & develop highly scalable tech products with all modern tools & technologies.


Modern & Scalable Designs

We set the right design for your digital products with great importance to the User Experience.

Website Development

Responsive Websites

We built websites which are responsive in nature and help business to start their digital identity.

Progressive Web App Development

Next-Gen Websites

We help businesses to built progressive web apps which are highly scalable and increase the efficiency of the website on the mobile platforms.

E-Commerce Developement

Woocommerce & Shopify

We design and develop online shopping websites with the help of the renowed ecommerce platforms such as woocommerce & shopify.

Web Design Portfolio

Some of our most inspiring work.



IT Consulting

Cyber Security

Online Education


News & Media



Daffo Consult

Business & Tech Consulting

We serve optimized consultation service to enhance the business progress.

Registrations & Compliances

We handle the company registrations, GST Filing, Business certications & trademarks.

IT Solutions

We design & implement high tech products required for your business be it a hardware or software through our partners & vendors.

Import &

We provide import & export consulting with support on shipping , connecting suppliers & finding buyers.


We provide investment consultaions and help to create a balanced portfolio for your hard-earned money.

Our Amazing Team

We are a bunch of highly motivated individuals.

Badash Karmegam

Founder & Chief
Vellore, India

Bahiya Naresh

Financial Consultant
Sydney, Australia

Sree Chandran

Social Media Associate
Bengaluru, India

Jyoti Sharma

Social Media Associate
Vellore, India


Business Consultant
Karur, India

Jayakanth Alampally

Digital Marketing Consultant
Toronto, Canada

Mahesh Ramalingam

AI Consultant
Chennai, India

Shitanshu Bharadwaj

Front-End Engineer
New Delhi, India

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